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TNReconnect Toolbox: Welcome to Nashville State!

Resources for TnReconnect students

Welcome new students and returning ones too! We are so happy you have decided to join the Nashville State community. Starting out at a new college is an exciting time, but we know there are also many tricky curves to navigate so to help we have created this toolbox to get you started towards success. On this page, you will find introductory video resources addressing some of our most frequently asked questions. The navigation tabs at the top will take you to more detailed information should you need it. If you should encounter any errors along the way or have topics you'd like to suggest for inclusion on this site, please submit our feedback form. We'd love to hear from you!

Once you are admitted as a student at Nashville State Community College, you will need to register for classes for the upcoming semester. View the steps to take.

There are ways to pay for college and go tuition free or for a reduced price. Nashville State can help you find out how to do so. Learn steps needed and many financial aid opportunities.

When you apply for financial aid, you might be asked for verification. Watch the video to learn about financial aid verification and the steps needed to comply.

When you register for classes, you must pay for them or arrange payments by certain deadlines. Learn what to do if those classes are dropped. The term "purged" is also used if payment for classes is not made.

Once you register for classes at Nashville State Community College, you will need to buy or rent books. Printed books and digital course materials are available through the college's bookstore. Learn the steps needed to obtain books and course materials.

If you are going to bring your car to campus, you will need an official Nashville State parking sticker. Follow these simple steps, so you won't get a ticket.

Once you become a Nashville State student, you should get a student photo ID (identification card). Learn what steps are needed.