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Sustainable NSCC Students: Green Sleeves

This is a guide for students at NSCC interested in making the campus more sustainable and in pursuing an environmental career.

Take Action

The COP23 international climate talks just kicked off in Bonn, Germany this week. The Trump administration plans to use the talks to push their reckless, pro-fossil fuel agenda on the international stage -- even though a majority of people in the U.S., like you, want climate action.

That’s why 350, as part of a group of partner organizations, has helped coordinate the U.S. People’s Delegation: a group of youth, Indigenous peoples, frontline communities, advocates, and policymakers who are at COP23 with organizations from across the country. They’re pushing back against Trump’s fossil-fueled agenda and showing the world that people everywhere are still fighting at the local level for a just, rapid transition to a 100% renewable energy-powered future.

Right now, the People’s Delegation needs support from people back home. People like you.

Stand with the #USPeoplesDelegation by tweeting today about how your city or state is taking climate action. We’ll project your messages in Germany for the whole world to see.

Even though the Trump administration is determined to take us backward on climate, U.S. communities are still moving forward. From Oregon to Missouri to South Carolina, hundreds of cities have already said no to dirty fossil fuel projects or committed to 100% renewable energy. Now, we need to turn these commitments into action.

At these critical talks, we have an opportunity to show the whole world that U.S. communities aren’t letting the Trump administration’s climate denial slow down efforts to fight for just climate solutions. Let’s use it.

Tweet today using #USPeoplesDelegation about how your communities are resisting federal inaction on climate. We’ll display your messages on stage at COP23 events in Germany.



P.S. If you’re not on Twitter, you can still support the U.S. People’s Delegation and send a message to the Trump administration in Bonn. Add your name here to tell the Trump team to stop undermining the climate talks. 350 and our partners will deliver your signatures in person in Germany this week.

The organizations represented in the U.S. People’s Delegation include: SustainUS, Sunrise Movement, Indigenous Environmental Network, Global Grassroots Justice Alliance, and the Climate Justice Alliance as part of It Takes Roots, U.S Human Rights Network, Climate Generation, Our Children’s Trust, NextGen America, and


New York Times: Trump Team to Promote Fossil Fuels and Nuclear Power at Bonn Climate Talks