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ENGL2133: Multicultural Literature

Guide to research assignments for Ms. Mendoza's ENGL2133 course.


This guide is intended to assist with the research papers associated with ENGL2133: Multicultural Literature. Please feel free to contact the NSCC.Librarian with any questions about research!

Paper One Recommended Resources

You will want to find an article that helps deepen your understanding of your chosen words. For example, if you choose proxemics, you might find an article that discusses its use in customer service. Below are recommended databases and tutorials:

Paper Two Recommended Resources

Section One

Question One Resources:

Question Two Resources

Academic Search Premier and JSTOR are, again, good choices. However, you might also benefit from searching for historical newspapers to look for articles about working conditions for immigrants. You could contrast this to newspaper articles you find about current working condition for immigrants.

Section Two

All of the resources outlined for Section One should be helpful for Section Two. For example, you might search America's Historical Newspapers for example of how the Irish immigrants were discriminated against in the mid-1850s. You could also use JSTOR to look for journal articles on working conditions for Irish immigrants.

Paper Three Recommended Resources

Question One Resources: 

Question Two Resources:

Question Three Resources:

Question Four Resources: 

Paper Four Recommended Resources

For Paper 4 you'll want to use literary criticism. We have several databases that you may want to consider searching to find literary criticism on Night.

To frame your paper from a historical context you may consider using a historical newspaper database: