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Learning Center Schedules

Guide to Resources in the NSCC Learning Center

Additional Resources

Use the tabs on the left-hand side of the page to navigate our additional resources by subject area.

See below for examples of how to access two resources, NetTutor and LinkedIn Learning, through your D2L course shell.


If the availability of our Nashville State tutors does not work with your schedule, free online tutoring is available through NetTutor, which you can access in your course shell. Go to the Resources tab, then click on Free Online Tutoring.

NetTutor link in course shell

Additional Resources

LinkedIn Learning is an online learning platform that provides video-based content as a supplement to our materials. To access this material, go to your course shell, click on the Resources tab, then click on LinkedIn Learning.

LinkedIn Learning link in course shell

Nashville State Tutoring Schedule

For more information about tutoring services, please visit the pages below: