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NSCC1010: Library Scavenger Hunt

1. List three ways to get help from the library.

2. Watch the following tutorial on locating books, ebooks, and films. After watching the tutorial, search the library catalog and locate one ebook that would be helpful to someone researching climate change.

3. Now it's time to locate a physical book in the library. Books can be checked out for the entire semester and are located in the stacks (e.g. the second floor of the library). Go to the library's circulation desk and draw the title of a book. Now use the online catalog to locate the book's call number. Use the call number to locate the book on the shelf. Once you find the correct book, tear off one ticket inside the book and bring the ticket to the circulation desk. Please do not remove the book from the shelf.

call numbers are alphanumeric numbers on the spine of the books

4. On the library's website click, "Use Services" on the right side of the page. Now locate the "Online Workshops" link on the left hand side of the page. List two workshops the library offers.


5. Watch the video about databases below. Now go to "Find Articles and Databases" on the library's website. List your college major and two databases that will be helpful for doing research in your major field.

6. Walk around the Mayfield Library paying attention to the book displays on the first floor. List the theme of two of the displays.

7. How can you access the library databases off campus? Visit our Off Campus Access Guide for a hint.

8. List three pieces of equipment that can be checked out at the circulation desk.

9. Watch the video below about using the Mayfield Library QuickSearch. The QuickSearch allows you to search all the library's resources at once. After watching the video, use the QuickSearch to locate a newspaper article on free community college. List the title, author, and publication of the article.

10. List the names of two library staff members and their favorite color.