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Nashville State Community College

A history of the college

Thayer Hospital

Thayer Hospital

Complete article in the Tennessee Conservationist, Jan/Feb 2015, p. 12 about Thayer Hospital.


From the Nashville Banner, Aug. 8, 1982.  Nashville Room, Nashville Public Library

Thayer Hospital



Name change

July 1, 2002

Events at NSCC

This event was held for several decades and hosted by the library to have a Christmas holiday gathering that involved no sweets.  All the other divisions on campus had the usual holiday gatherings that always involved lots of sweet goodies.  It was decided that the library's event would become known as the "Bean Bash" and be held in January before the Spring semester started. The library staff prepared all kinds of bean recipes, from cold salad bean dishes to bean dips with chips to hot bean dishes.  It was all about the all American bean.  Cornbread has always been included, since it is the southern way to serve cornbread with beans.  Carolyn Householder was the director at the time it started. Charles May, Reference Librarian, Jim Veatch, Technical Services Librarian, Harriet Dunn, Serials Librarian, and Faye Vaughn, Library Computer Technician, were on the library staff when the the Bean Bash was first started.  Several cookbooks have been added to the Mayfield Library collection because of this famous bean event.  They fit in very nicely with the Culinary Arts degree.  

Bead salad  Brown bread Boston Baked Beans pumpkin cornbread bean salad Bean cookbook display Bean cookbook display