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Library Services

Information about services offered by Mayfield Library

About the Library

Margaret Faye Jones, Dean of Learning Resources

Phone: 615-353-3440

Jessie Angel, Library Assistant III

Phone: 615-353-3472

Emily Bush, Instruction Librarian

Phone: 615-353-3559

John Cherry, SE Center Library-Learning Center Technical Clerk

Phone: 615-916-5865

Pamela Gadd, Library Assistant III

Phone: 615-353-3474

Sonja Humphries, Library Assistant III, Interlibrary Loan

Phone: 615-353-3552

Sylvia Lewis, Southeast Campus Library Assistant

Phone: 615-916-2013

Charles May, Reference Librarian

Phone: 615-353-3554

Sally Robertson, Cataloging, Serials, and App Librarian

Phone: 615-353-3270

Lauren Turner, Library Assistant II

Phone: 615-353-3145


The mission of the Mayfield Library is:

  • To provide a collection of materials and services that will meet the needs of students in degree and certificate programs.
  • To assist students and faculty in using all available resources and services.
  • To provide a quiet and comfortable atmosphere in which students and faculty may read and study.
  • To provide recreational reading materials and information needed by students and faculty for personal self-development and daily living.
  • To provide library orientation for all users in cooperation with the teaching faculty.
  • To provide materials and services for all users despite location and method of delivery.