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Health and Wellness Resources

A collection of resources to support the health and well being of NSCC students.

How stressed are you?

College Students and Stress

Stress is a physical and psychological reaction to issues and events emanating from one's environment. Perceived obstacles to goal achievement, environmental change, life challenges and periods of significant transition are common stress triggers for college students. All of us experience stress on a regular basis. Most of this stress is actually positive serving to motivate us. However, like most things in excess, too much stress is negative.

Excessive stress usually develops over a period of time and often goes unnoticed by the individual until a physical or emotional toll has been exacted. One can learn to manage and maintain stress at relatively healthy levels. The onset of unhealthy stress is similar to blowing air into a balloon. If you blow and blow more air into the balloon without any controlled outlet, eventually the balloon explodes in an unpredictable and destructive fashion. However, if you blow air in, stopping periodically to let some air out, and blowing more air in, you can repeat the process indefinitely without any negative consequences. Managing stress is a similar process. Throughout life you will experience stress. Learning to recognize the physical and psychological warning signs of stress is the key. (
Author: Dr. Gregory Hall, Bentley College, ULIFE LINE.ORG)

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