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Sustainable NSCC Students: Green Sleeves

This is a guide for students at NSCC interested in making the campus more sustainable and in pursuing an environmental career.

NSCC campus recycling

Aluminum cans: in the big blue containers.

Plastic bottles: in the side-by-side black (cans and bottles) containers. (Temporally stopped) 

Mixed paper and cardboard: in the big green and blue containers. (NO PAPER CUPS, they cannot be recycled.)

Batteries: in offices.


Toner cartridges

  • Used cartridges can be taken to the mailroom (W-79)  for pick up
  • Brought to Central Receiving in the E Building (E-12)
  • An email can be sent to and someone will come to pick up the used toner cartridges for you. (Please do not leave these items in the hallways without notifying Central Receiving.)

Recycling in Metro-Nashville

Glass Recycling


More than 3 million members making an impact.  Reward system for living more green.

Cups recycling

Facts abouts recycling

Tenneseans toss 7,338,348 tons of household waste into landfills in on year.

Only about 11.6% of household waste is recycled.

43 states do better.

College recycling

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