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Computer Basics

Does technology frighten you? Check out our Computer Basics guide to brush up on your tech skills.

How to Print in the Library

Student Printing

$15.00 is associated with your student account at the beginning of each semester. This money drops into your account once you log in to print for the first time. 

1. If you are using a desktop computer in the library, simply go to the "print" page, select one of our printers (NSCCPharosB&W or Main Library A for black and white OR NSCCPharosColor or Main Library B for color) and click "print."

2. A box should pop up asking you for your A number and what you would like to name the job (you can type anything here).

3. Another box will pop up asking you to accept the charges for printing. Say "yes." 

4. Walk over to either the A or B printer and log in on the screen available with your A number and MyNSCC password. You can select your job from the queue here and select "print."


1. If you're using your own computer or one of our laptops, go to Google Chrome and type in ""

2. Log in with your A number and MyNSCC password. The screen should open up to your printing page.

3. Upload your document at the top of the page. Select whichever document you would like to print by checking the box on the left.

4. Select a printer (NSCCPharosB&W or Main Library A for black and white OR NSCCPharosColor or Main Library B for color) at the bottom right of your page, and click "print."