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This guide answers frequently asked questions about library services and research.

Top 10 FAQ's


 ...find a copy of a textbook?

Many textbooks are located on reserve behind the circulation desk.  Older editions may be located upstairs in the stacks and are available for semester check-out.  Reserve textbooks are most commonly available for a two-hour check-out and must remain inside the library.  Reserve textbooks are only available at the Main and SE Campuses. Call for Reserve hours at the SE Campus: 615-916-5865.

...find a tutor?

Tutors for Math, Science, Writing, Computers, Foreign Languages and Accounting are located in the Learning Center (K-164).  Tutoring is free.  Click here to see the current schedule of tutors, times and subjects.

...send a fax?

The Library has a fax machine available for student use. Local faxes only, please (area code 615).



...the library's hours?

The library's regular hours are M-Th: 7:30 am - 8 pm, F: 7:30 am-4:30 pm and S: 9 am-2 pm. Check with the library for holiday and break hours: 615-353-3555 or click here.

Top 10 FAQ's


...sign onto library computers?

Use your A number and  password  to access the library computers. You are only able to access the library computers during semesters in which you are currently enrolled as a student. 

...access the student wireless?

To access the student wireless choose the network NSCCWireless. Then enter Instruction\ and your A# along with your password. If your computer is unable to access the wireless, consult with the Computer Help Desk: 615-353-3678.


...locate a scholarly article?

To locate scholarly articles, first choose a database. Once you have chosen a database, look for a box that allows you to limit your search to either scholarly, peer reviewed, or refereed journals. Check this box. Some good databases to locate scholarly journals in are: Academic Search PremierAcademic Onefile, and JSTOR. Note: All articles in JSTOR are scholarly. 


Each student receives $15 in his/her print account at the beginning of each semester. Black and white print outs are 10 cents a page. Color print outs are 50 cents a page. To print in black and white, choose the NSCC B&W printer. You will then be asked to enter your A number.  Next a screen will pop up with the amount of the print job. Click yes to confirm. Now you can go to a printer release station to release your print job. You will use your A number and password.  Print jobs will be held for two hours.   If a student uses all his/her print money before the semester is over, he/she will need to add money to his/her account by either inserting cash into a machine in the library copy room,  by going to the Bursar's office and bringing the receipt back into the library. or by adding money via myNSCC.

...make copies?

There are two coin operated copy machines located in the library. You will need to have change or small bills to use these machines. In addition, there is one copy machine in the library that you may use which accesses the money in your student print account. All copy machines charge 10 cents a page. an ebook?

For more information on how to download EBSCO ebooks check our ebook guide: Downloading EBSCO ebooks




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