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Tennessee Electronic Library

This will help you find good resources even after you graduate. TEL is free for all Tennesseans.

What is TEL?

The Tennessee Electronic Library (TEL) is a collection of 40+ databases that provide access to over 400,000 magazine, journal, and newspaper articles, essays, podcasts, videos, e-books, primary source materials, and more! TEL is available free of charge to any Tennessee resident and is accessible 24/7 from any computer or mobile device with access to the internet.

New Database

Learn a language:  Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, and 2 languages for ESL learners.

This database goes beyond memorization, and actually immerses the learner into the language and culture.

Business Insights: Essentials (New)

"Combines all of the content formerly found in Business & Company Resource Center with a new interface designed around the research goals and workflows of your diverse business research community. Easily find information on companies, industries and more in the context of timely news, statistical data, and in-depth reports."

World Book Encyclopedia online

What is TEL: "TEL it, Don't Google it!"

Going to TEL instead of Google is better you get real facts that you know are true. 

Example: You get the World Book Encyclopedia (an edited and reviewed published source), instead of Wikipedia.

You can also find real academic journal and magazine articles,as well as information on how to cite them in a research paper.

Study for academic and career tests.

Research careers and find the job of your dreams.

The sources in TEL are not free sources that are available on the open web. 

By using TEL to find out information you are searching the "hidden" web.

Finding eBooks in TEL

TEL shortcuts

Links to to different databases in TEL.

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